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A Rich History

The NJASC is the oldest state Student Council Association in the United States, and has inspired the "Spirit Of New Jersey Youth" since 1927. Our members are from high schools and middle schools, public and private, across the State of New Jersey...

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Student Leadership Training

For ninety years, the NJASC has provided thousands of students in New Jersey's public and private schools the opportunity to discover, develop, and apply their leadership skills to serve their schools and communities.

As the officially recognized state affiliate of National Student Council (NatStuCo), and an active member Region 2, we also organize delegations to and participation by New Jersey student leaders and advisors in such activities as LEAD Conferences and the National Student Council Conference.

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Our annual Leadership Training Conference, now in its' seventh decade of developing outstanding student leaders, is the oldest continually operating student leadership conference of its kind in the United States.

Each year over 1500 student leaders and advisors from throughout New Jersey come together at our Winter Convention to elect the NJASC State Officers, providing a unique opportunity for outstanding student leaders to become even more involved at the state and national level.


State Leadership Opportunities

For ninety years, the student leaders of New Jersey have elected nine State Officers at the annual Winter Convention to represent and work for them in the coming year. These nine State Officers include the official Student Representative to the New Jersey State Board of Education as well as a Middle Level Representative to recognize the strength and contributions of the middle schools that represent nearly thirty percent of our membership.


Becoming a student State Officer is a unique leadership opportunity that is far more than just a impressive entry on a college application; it is a life-changing experience that combines service to school, community and state with leadership training, meeting and conquering challenges, and (of course) a whole lot of FUN!

You can CLICK HERE to meet this year's NJASC State Officers, who are the latest in a decades long tradition of outstanding student leadership in one of the oldest State Student Council Associations in the United States.

Speaking of tradition, you can CLICK HERE to see the hundreds of student leaders who over the years have been NJASC State Officers - you may see some familiar names (and pictures)!

Could one of YOUR student leaders - or perhaps YOU - become one of our next NJASC State Officers? CLICK HERE to find out how next year could become YOUR year with the NJASC!


Advisor Professional Development & Recognition

In addition to an Advisors' Workshop now offered each March, we provide workshops and programs at each of our seasonal conferences and at our Leadership Training Conference (LTC) for Student Council advisors and other educators interested in student leadership. Many of these workshops are with top caliber nationally recognized speakers, who come to New Jersey each year for our Fall Conference and Winter Convention.

We also recognize that being an advisor is more than just an extra duty - it is a profession within itself, and one where you can have more impact on a school community than nearly anyone else. With this in mind, NJASC recognizes outstanding advisors for their service to students and school each October with our annual state Advisor of the Year Awards.

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NJASC is also certified by the State of New Jersey as a provider of Professional Development. Each of the workshops and programs we provide count toward the New Jersey 100 Hour Teacher Certification Requirement or Professional Development. Certificates are provided that advisors can use to verify their participation in these professional development activities.



The NJASC is an indispensable resource for member schools to discover new ideas and enhance their own Council Projects as well as to foster student involvement in school and community. We also provide an opportunity for leading Student Councils to provide Student Workshops and share the great things they are doing in their schools and communities.

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Student leaders and their faculty advisors have the opportunity to meet and share great ideas at our conferences and other events throughout the year. Advisors are kept abreast of happenings in their state association through frequent e-mail updates and Advisors' Update online newsletters from the Executive Directors.

The NJASC also represents all students of our state through its' decades old relationship with the New Jersey State Board of Education, through the annual election of your State Board of Education Student Representative.


Community Involvement

Through the annual Community Smile award program, Student Councils are encouraged and rewarded for active participation in and service to their school and local communities.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our State Charity program, which has raised millions of dollars in support of worthy student-selected causes.


NJASC conducts an annual State Charity program which over the years has resulted in more than FOUR MILLION DOLLARS in donations from Student Councils throughout New Jersey. Each year the student State Officers carefully review potential State Charities in terms of overall mission, the impact of and ability to utilize the funds our members would raise, ability to inspire, and dedication to keeping funds raised in New Jersey. At their April Executive Meeting, they interview finalists and decide on which State Charity NJASC will work with for the coming year.


Life Skills

The skills learned and friendships made through active participation in NJASC programs such as our annual Leadership Training Conference each summer not only benefit students while in school, but extend well beyond Student Council itself into their college and professional lives.

CLICK HERE to learn more about LTC, our annual Leadership Training Conference and why many schools (like Holy Cross) keep coming back.


Nearly three hundred student leaders come to our annual NJASC Leadership Training Conference (LTC) each summer, and with our "LTC Advanced" program rising sophomores (and older) can come back for even more! LTC Advanced (CLICK HERE to learn more) offers returning delegates a chance to relive the unique social experience that is LTC, all while receiving advanced leadership training that will take them to the next step!



This website will introduce you to the people, programs, and projects that make the NJASC a truly unique and vibrant organization dedicated to developing, promoting, and fostering student leadership throughout our state.

We enthusiastically invite all Students, Advisors, Schools, and Organizations interested in student leadership to become a part of our community today...