Advisors' Workshop Resources

This page is dedicated to resources presented and shared at our annual Advisors' Workshop. Rather than collating a bunch of handouts, we present these resources here for easy viewing and downloading. Most are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Ideas Presented & Shared

Click on a link below to obtain links to resources from our recent Advisors' Workshops...

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We would like to thank over 50 advisors who attended our third annual Advisors' Workshop on March 13, 2017.

Large Group Presentations

Roundtable Sessions

  • LTC: Why Your Students Need To BE THERE - Pam Freund & Joan Preztunik
  • School Spirit & Service - Ken Shulack
  • Fundraising - Phil Stewart
  • Working With Your Administration - Denis Mulroony
  • Tech to Promote & Communicate - Kellen Burke & Alex Conte
  • NJASC & Award Programs: Get Recognition! - Joe Fasanella

Ideas Shared by Attendees

Keep them coming! Thank you to everyone who presented and shared ideas at our 2017 Advisors' Workshop!