Recognizing Advisor Service...

The NJASC recognizes the important role of the Student Council Advisor in supporting not only our programs, but in facilitating development of outstanding student leaders in middle and high schools throughout our state.

We appreciate the support that advisors have given throughout their career to the student leaders they work with, and to NJASC in support of our many programs to help develop the student leaders of our state.

In recent years, we have initiated two programs to honor those who serve our student leaders and their schools with longevity and distinction...

Freda Marden Award

Named after the first NJASC Executive Director, Freda Marden, this award program was begun in 2009 for retiring advisors with 25 or more years of service. Mrs. Marden, a teacher and Student Council advisor at New Brunswick High School, served NJASC from 1927-1963 and remains the longest serving Executive Director of our association to this day.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Freda Marden and the history of NJASC, the oldest continually operating state Student Council association in the United States.

Recipients of this award are listed below:


  • Patricia DeFelice - Lacey Township High School


  • Barbara Meyrick - Buena Regional High School
  • Joan O'Neil - Belvidere High School


  • Rick Byer - Timberlane Middle School


  • Mike Nolan - Bordentown Regional High School


Years of Service Recognition Pins

Initiated at the 2010 NJASC Convention by Executive Director Wendy Booth Sitzler, this program is intended to recognize the valuable service of advisors at our member schools. A special pin is presented each January at the Winter Convention for every five year milestone of service as an advisor.

To get the program started, in 2010 the appropriate pins were awarded retroactively to all advisors that attained at least five years of service as an advisor in any current NJASC member school. At each following Winter Convention, we will present new pins to those advisors that reach their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, or 30th year of service.

We encourage all advisors to proudly wear these pins at NJASC events, to be recognized for their years of service to the student leaders of their school and our state.